The Team


Henco Rademeyer

Routes, medical and communication.

Carel Herholdt

Administration and Finance

Bernard le Roux

Operations and Logistics

Gideon de Villiers

Operations and Logistics

Rene Rademeyer

Hospitality and client liason

Dryland Event Management was co-founded in 2003 by Carel Herholdt and Henco Rademeyer with Bernard Le Roux joining forces a couple of years later. All of them are keen mountain bikers with both Henco and Bernard who have completed in multiple international mountain bike and trail running events. They are a dynamic team and currently owns and operates 16 International cycling and trail running events from one-day races to 7 day stage races.

Carel comes from a financial and marketing background where he and brings this expertise to the team in his capacity as the financial, marketing and administration boss. Bernard has a long standing logistical background and has shaped this into an well polished art at Dryland where he oversees all matters logistic. Henco in turn has been involved with the cycling industry all his life and currently manages all responsibilities route, medical and communications related.

They are a dynamic team who currently own and operate 12 International cycling and trail running events from one-day races to 7 day stage races.

The name Dryland and its associated logo depicting a windmill was derived from the arid dry Karoo region where Carel, Bernard and Henco spent their childhood years, and eventually where Dryland was founded. Their passion for their business and their country is evident in the world class events that they host. Dryland is without doubt South Africa’s premier event management outfit and anyone that has taken part in any of their events can report on their warm hospitality, professional manner and passion for their events, their customers and the sport..